On the purpose of one particular lifetime

If we are to think of the human species as developing over space and time, we find that in the early days of our existence as hominids, we were relatively less able to understand ourselves and the cosmos around us. As time has progressed, so has our capacity to learn. You can think of it this way, millions of years ago, we were but simple creatures who lived very simple lives. Over time, we became more and more like the beings we are today. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, mankind was essentially in its infancy stage, unaware of the direction the human brain was leading to.

As you can see in the image below, our early ancestors had brains that were about 1/3 the size of our brains today and thus didn't have as many connections or nerve fibers that our brains today do. Our brains and our lives work parallel to each other to become more and more complex. This process will continue for as long as sustainable weather patterns and proper distribution of resources persist.

In examining what we can think of as the childhood of our species, we find that we simply do not have all our modern day lives to squander in the growing up process. One lifetime isn't nearly long enough to make all the possible combinations of mistakes, or to go out and discover from scratch what has already been explored before us. Yes, there are basic needs that must be met in order for our bodies to physically grow and our brains to reach a level of maturity that is functional enough to continue expanding. Beyond that, the possibilities are boundless as each generation of child is raised.

As adults, it is our anthropological responsibility to pass on information and peaceful ways of being through education and energy transmission to all the developing individuals we come into contact with so that the whole of our species can benefit from what we deem as important in the process of growth for humans. When I say developing individuals, I am not just referring to children or growing teens. I am referring to all people at all stages in life. Any one person, without exception, at any point in their life can learn from others around them. They can take in knowledge and energy, process it in their reality, incorporate it into their way of being, then have the newly found ability to share that perception with others as is appropriate. 

Now that the world is infinitely interconnected, we can utilize all available forms of communication to share our personal knowledge with one another so that should someone in a particular stage of development be in need of something we have to offer, they will have access to it. If we are to raise our children in a way that we were raised or have similar expectations as our caretakers did of us in our generation, then one child at a time, we are stunting the overall growth of our species. If we interact with others in dysfunctional ways that have been repeated for thousands of years, then similarly, we stunt the growth of our species that could otherwise take a much different direction. It is each individual's responsibility to be an active, participating member of our world society so that the energy we create reverberates and makes life all the more sustainable. 

Our species had its time in childhood. With every generation we become more and more complex. Just as the speed of technology is exponentially increasing with increased opportunities to broaden our understanding of the digital world, the universe, and beyond, the rational mind will exponentially grow as antiquated ways of thinking are left behind and the space for examining reality opens up wider.

These processes are innately parallel because there simply can't be one without the other. There can't be rational explanations for human existence and our surrounding reality when we don't have advances in science to correspond to our brain growth and capacity for learning. These processes mirror the infinitely expanding universe in that there is no such thing as the beginning of time, and there is no such thing as the end of space. No one can know where we are headed. What we do have control over is how we consciously maneuver our direction.

So what is the purpose of one particular lifetime? In my humble opinion, I think that taking the time to explore our own sense of self so that we live in a state of continuous awareness is a starting point. By doing so, we can exist in a reality where we are able to check in with who we are, what we need, what's working, and what's not. Having this ever more important information provides us with the knowledge of how we can generate our own individual reality to be one that maintains inner peace. Each individual can make adjustments moment by moment to smoothly transition in gradual steps from the reality they exist in to the reality they perceive to be balanced and good enough.

The clarity of mind that comes with an established sense of inner peace is the key to tuning into others around us. By being able to tune into those around us, whatever their physical age may be, we can help cultivate each other's minds to the extent that our own and other's potential brain capacities can be developed. We can assess further what we need and desire from another person while being simultaneously open and able to provide them with what they need and desire. The alternative is not doing so and remaining relatively stagnant generation after generation with little output to show for the passing of time.

We are all ultimately just children growing up within the span of a lifetime in a moment in time of the overall progress of our species. I think it is important to be open to examining the breadth of humanity as a whole over space and time so that we can see the continuity and impact of the existence of each individual person. When reality is viewed from this vantage point, people can be more open to showing love and respect not only to themselves, but to every other human being they come into contact with.

We're all in this together. There is no me and you, there is only us. There is technically no space between any two people or any two points in the universe. Nothingness does not actually exist. Something connects each and every one of us. We are yet to figure out the intricacies of the unknown, but if we start figuring ourselves out and allowing for the space of internal and external curiosity to become larger over time, I think that we will find that the mysteries of the universe will elegantly present themselves to us.