Emotional Energy

In a world of constant external stimulation, it's no wonder that our inner worlds get overwhelmed and want to shut down. The environment we surround ourselves with is so important in bringing peace to our lives. When we lose our sense of peace, other unwanted feelings such as anxiety, sadness, or anger can take over to the point where we are not functioning at our best potential. Shutting down can come in the form of emotional distress, physical ailments, or a feeling of disconnect with loved ones. 

Some ways that emotional energy can be used effectively to clear the way for a more serene existence are as follows...

Listen to your inner voice. These gentle whispers can be trusted beyond how others try to guide you to. If you're hearing the word 'should' often, try to rephrase those ideas around your wants and needs instead.

Confront your feelings with the thought in mind that no matter what, it's just a feeling and it will inevitably pass. I promise. Stuffing your feelings does nothing for your well-being. Consider taking action instead of dwelling on feelings that you are experiencing difficulty with. Sometimes getting stuck in the cycle of overwhelm can bring you to a standstill. Working through the cycle and seeing it as having a beginning and an end can help you see the situation more clearly. Resolve dormant pains that have been passively floating through your mindspace so as to make way for clarity.

Instead of staying in dysfunctional relationships so as to avoid being alone, consider spending your energies on self-exploration and growth. People who genuinely love the real you will appear in your life when you reevaluate what you need from close relationships and go out there and get it. Be clear with yourself and others on what you need and find ways to express how you feel. Set good boundaries that are flexible enough to allow the relationship to wax and wean as needed over time.

Learning how to live insightfully is a lifelong process. Take it one moment at a time.