The Importance of A Good Kiss

Kisses are a universal way of connecting with others. Whether given as a greeting or a signal of parting ways, as a sign of affection to someone you love, or an early indicator of the first rousing of attraction, kisses provide important nonverbal information that isn't always communicated verbally in a relationship.

What's so momentous about the first kiss with a prospective lover? Your visual and auditory senses are activated to bring you into close physical proximity to the person you want to kiss. Research suggests that, via touch, taste, and smell, kisses aid us in evaluating the long-term potential of a partner. Through the saliva, scientists speculate that kisses help us acquire a range of information about a potential mate, such as hormone levels, health, and genetic compatibility. And of course, whether or not we're going to enjoy this person touching us. 

We also learn about basic harmony based on how well we kiss together. Once you kiss, a myriad of chemical reactions in the brain and body are activated. Your internal world is flooded with information about the degree of love you feel for the person you are kissing. If you were to look at your brain on an MRI, you'd see it light up in all different place. Let the fireworks begin!

All this is to say don't ignore what your body, heart, and mind are telling you when you are engaged in an unforgettable kiss. You're learning all kinds of information about the person that can tell you whether you'll find sustained connection and excitement...or not.

Watch the fascinating video above and learn more about the importance of a good kiss.