Creating Love

I read all kinds of articles and books on love and I've come to genuinely believe that creating the love you want in your life is very possible. The first step is definitely to work on yourself and bring a sense of happiness and insight into your own life. Then you can figure out uncomplicated ways to incorporate someone else into your world.


I can't emphasize enough how attainable it is for everyone to create the love they want. Understanding the basics of human attachment is an excellent starting point. Everyone essentially wants to be loved. Whether or not they express that to you can provide you with relevant information. There are some people who are not in the space themselves to accept love, from you in particular, or from anyone at all.

Learning how to communicate on a deeper level helps couples or family members find more effective ways of showing and receiving love. When you know how to love yourself, you can teach someone else how to love you as well. When you are with someone who is open to love, they want to know how to learn to love you. If the other person is not open to love, giving and receiving it can be frustrating. If they are willing to address the barriers they have built against giving and receiving love, feel free to set up an appointment with me and we can discuss this further.

If you are fortunate enough to be with someone who has love as a free flowing part of their life, understanding the basics of creating the love you want can be a pivotal point in your relationship. Love isn't as Hollywood portrays it to be. It is actually quite different. Regular people are far from perfect. People aren't photoshopped like you see in magazines. They all have their imperfections that they are usually quite aware of. They may not use perfect grammar as though they are speaking in a Victorian era novel. They wear comfy clothes that aren't always glamorous. There are indeed times when women don't wear makeup and haven't done up their hair. Men may not be able to perform in the bedroom every single time. These little details don't make people any less lovable...they just make them human like the rest of us.

Being in love is a completely subjective experience. The unabridged way you want to be loved is different than anyone else on our planet. It's helpful to figure out what that way is first in order to be able to communicate it to someone else. And yes, you have to communicate it to them. I'm yet to meet a mind reader. Giving your partner this indelible piece of information about you is fundamental in helping them understand how they can show you how much they love you.

By opening up the conversation to what you need, you can begin to explore your partner's inner world as well. Feeling satisfied in how you receive love in a long-term, committed relationship breeds fondness and admiration. It's yet another way you can become a team. Talking about and creating a mutual love in your relationship can establish a more positive, stable, and enduring story of 'us.' The love you want and are able to give will likely evolve as time passes, but by staying mindful of yourself and your relationship, you will be able to maintain a fresh perspective on how to be that best loving and lovable self you will come to hold as sacred.

Go out there and create the love you want.