Love and Letting Go

I just read this beautiful and well-written article that someone shared with me and I wanted to share it with anyone who is reading my blog. The article talks about the role that loving someone plays in our lives. Sometimes that love stays and evolves, and sometimes we have to let go of it in order to move on.

The point that really resonated for me was that "you never come out of love unscathed β€” no matter how the relationship ends. It’s neither good nor bad, it simply is what it is. All you can do is try and find love again."

We all seek love in our life. It's as natural as seeking other forms of happiness. It is inherently in our nature to connect. When that connection is lost, just like anything else in life that made us happy but is now gone, we miss it, we want to regain it. Sometimes through working at a relationship, we can regain what was once there or something better even. Sometimes we very realistically have to let go of a relationship because it has lost its potential for being something pleasant.

Only you can gauge when the time comes to part ways. Know that if you move on and open the space up that dysfunction is currently occupying, your resilient mind will find a relationship that works better for you. The person you break the relationship off with will likely do the same. If you feel like you and your partner can create the relationship that you both desire, then get to work. Start researching reading materials specific to what is going on for you, seek professional help like contacting a therapist, and most importantly, talk to your partner about what you are thinking and feeling. 

Life is short, but it's also very long. We are responsible for our sense of happiness while simultaneously allowing others the space to seek and find what makes them happy. Striving for balance is a lifelong effort and may seem difficult at times, but what would it be like if we didn't try?

Click here to read the full article by Paul Hudson.