Michelle Shahbazyan, MS, MA

Life Coach

Live. Love. Work.

Live Your Life

As ambitious as we are as a society, we still need to leave some energy and motivation to pursue recreation and entertainment once in a while. Living life as you envision it continually reinstates vitality into your daily routine and maintains the dynamic element of your day to day activities. Why not live at your full potential?

Be Your Best Self With Your Best Match

Maintaining a successful intimate relationship is one of the most difficult tasks people undertake in their lifetime. Removing barriers created by past experiences and future expectations can help individuals realize their full potential in receiving and providing the highly coveted love from their best match.

Work Efficiently

Uncovering the obstacles to working at your most efficient capacity can help infuse enthusiasm into the work you do while simultaneously increasing your overall productivity. Whether you work on a team or on your own, learning effective strategies for communication can take your desired level of influence to a completely new level.